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Get Your Merch at Meg and Piper’s Hockey Shop

Whether you’ve been a fan of Shut Yer Five Hole from the beginning, are ramping up for the youtube series Empty Netter, or you just like hockey paraphernalia, Meg and Piper’s Hockey Shop is for you!

All of our Threadless designs are available in mens, women’s and children’s shirts and apparel, and accessories like notebooks, phone cases, and zip up clutch thingamabobbers!

Get our catch phrases with “Very Serious Sports Analyst”, our sarcastic eye roll with “Hockey Expert”, or go full superfan with the show’s logo!

You can get them in all sorts of cuts and colors, but here are a few screenshots in case you need to dip your toes into the pool before you can take the plunge. 

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Click on these letters and this link will take you to the hockey shop!