A curmudgeonly old crone at heart, Meg keeps her finger on the pulse of hockey news and non-news, priding herself in the sheer volume of push notifications she receives from the NHL app. Meg can usually be found stuck in LA traffic, scrolling through Twitter, or lying in bed in the dark cackling at memes. If you see her tweeting about her problem son Lyall, that’s her chihuahua. She does not like human children.


She also has a master’s degree in Creative Writing, which has nothing to do with hockey, but she is very proud of it and wanted you to know.

You can read Meg’s hockey words at GuysGirl, and for even more fun gags and goofs, follow her on Twitter! She did a viral tweet once, and it was the coolest 72 hours of her life; it’s all downhill from here.

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  • Beverage: Coke Zero
  • Sad 80s song: Boys of Summer by Don Henley
  • Hockey player: Milan Lucic
  • Co-host: Piper

Least Favorites!

  • Hockey player: Ryan Miller
  • Animal: the cursed mockingbird that torments her nightly
  • Mass Effect companion: Jacob
  • Type of bread: trick question, all breads are good


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