Piper calls herself a “hockey historian” and “hockey anthropologist” to pretentiously side-step the fact that she knows very little about modern NHL rosters yet way too much trivia about the sport of yesteryear. As for the anthropology nonsense, she also does a hockey podcast examining women in the world of men’s hockey! It’s powered by Rocket Sports Media, and if you enjoy the cultural aspects of the game and think a docu-series might worth your time, CLICK RIGHT HERE!

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Piper CJ is a freelance photographer (you can CLICK ON THESE WORDS and see her portfolio) , a binge-watcher of television, and has played (and replayed, and replayed) a combined 600 hours in Mass Effect and Dragon Age over the last five years. She holds a Masters in Folklore from the Memorial University of Newfoundland, and is obligated to tell you that it isn’t as weird as it sounds.



Hockey Player: her puck-eating boyfriend, JoHockey!

Movie: Labyrinth

Critter: Red Pandas

Human: Meg

Entity: BioWare

Least Favorites:

the non-celiac “gluten free”

high prices of airline tickets

when forks scratch on plates

free agency


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Hey sports fans!

I’m ramping up to release a docu-series in conjunction with All Habs and Rocket Sports Media, and that includes releasing promotional stories of women as their interviews occur. Check the wonderful, sometimes troubling, occasionally bizarre, always worthwhile stories of women in the world of men’s professional hockey.

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“Endangered Table”: a 26 minute audio documentary on the culture and history of poaching in Newfoundland

Airing this fall: “Snap Show”, a docu-series on women in the world of men’s professional hockey